The First MBA Program for Unsuccessful Graduates

Beyond Classroom Training


MAKE IT HAPPEN involves different events/ innovations that take place in Akademia. All this activities have to be conceptualised, managed, or organised by students with different constraints


SOCIAN PIANO is a activity where students have an opportunity to observe the functioning and management of the NON- PROFIT SECTOR & Understanding of the support provided by corporate sector.


TEAM BUILDING EXERCISE aims to inculcate among participants critical interpersonal and team skills through team building games and experiential exercise.


AKADEMIA IMPACT MODULE (A. I. M) involves learning through movies, plays, workshops and daily based learning.

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The 1st of its kind MBA for 'Unsuccessful Graduate'
Because 'Everyone Deserves a Second Chance'

Under the Estimulo program-the so called failed student is admitted in a management training program- just on the lines of a conventional MBA program of Akademia. This ensures that the student doesn't lose a year – he is in the thick of things rubbing shoulders with MBA students, learning the nuances of managing business. During this year once the self belief building process begins – where he feels he is not differentiated from a 'Passed Graduate' – automatically we expect the student to put in that extra effort to excel in his MBA training. He /she also make every attempt to clear his graduation in the 1st year of the program.


    "There is always a way, There is always a choice."


    "Successful people never reach their goal alone."


    "Believe YOU CAN ; And you are Halfway there."


    "It's about PROGRESS, Not PERFECTION."


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Nilesh Sarawate

Principal Trainer Estimulo (B.Tech and MBA Finance (TAPMI))
Nilesh Sarawate is an Ex-Director of IMS Learning Resources Pvt. Ltd. and an ex-adjunct faculty at SPJIMR with 16 years of experience in education. He is a distinguished writer of Business Economics and Student Mentor Program. Currently, he is the CEO of IEIBS AKADEMIA.
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Waseem Khan

Promoter [MS (Computer Science), Washington University]
Waseem Khan is the Managing Director of Oriental Education Society. He has been responsible for the introduction of the M.O.S.T system in Large Machines Division at Crompton Greaves, Mumbai. He offers technical skills in design and implementation of object-oriented software.
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Jugnu Dutta

Head of Alliance and Placements (MBA Strategy, University of Strathclyde)
A trans-national Manager with the expertise of working in fast-paced, multi-cultural and hi-tech environment in some of the leading European and Indian Organisations, jugnu Dutta worked with world famous European brands like LIDL, Markas & Spencers and Poundland in UK, and mentored many successful Indian MBA aspirants.
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Prof. D. D. Patel

Group Dean of IEIBS Akademia
Prof. Patel has had the distinctive credential of being the first faculty member and Joint-Director at the prestigious S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research where he was meaningfully devoted for more than two decades vitally contributing to the Institutional Development process being significantly instrumental in laying strong foundations for SPJIMR.

Estimulo Achievers